Sunday, 13 January 2013

MASH UP (Test Shoot)

Photographer : Nathalie Thery 
Designer/Stylist : Nathanel NG (Mash Up)
Model : Edward Russel
Make -Up Artist : Belinda Betz 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Jean Danker

Was called in to help out with Make-Up in a Photoshoot with Jean Danker who I learned later on that day is quite well known here in Singapore (I am not very well educated in the superstars in Singapore..or Indonesia..or anyone outside Channel E). She was really sweet, and reminded me a little of Juliana Rancic (Asian version). Was a fun day on set :)

Photographer : Evan Quek
Stylist : Vanessa Quek
Make-Up : Belinda Betz

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Skyscraper in December 2012

Photographer : Shirley Zhong
Model : Bella K
Stylist : Gian Carlo
Make-Up Artist : Belinda Betz

The HelBel Project in October 2012 (Personal)

Photographer : Helza Mahyudia
Model & Make-Up Artist : Belinda Betz 

No Tears For The Creatures of The Night (Special Effects Portfolio) in October 2012

Photographer : Erwin Tirta
Model : Jesy Love
Make-Up Artist (Special Effects) : Belinda Betz 

Fashion Video for Spark in October 2012

Just go this the link below and it will direct you to the Fashion video, thank you.

Fashion Photoshoot [Spark] in October 2012

Photographer : Helza Mahyudia

Model: Advina Ratnaningsih

Fashion Stylist: Fiona Tjokro
Make - Up Artist & Hair : Belinda Betz
Fashion Designer : Grendy Jelius & Remy Aliwarga